~ Healing from the Classic failed New Years Resolution ~


So have you been flooded by people or websites asking what your NYR is? Wow look even an acronym for New Years Resolution – it must be important then, right?

I give you this to explore a concept of non-committing for yourself; not to give up on any goals that did not finalize in 2017, or love any special ones or animals in your life any less, or in some ways even change anything. All but for one concept – give yourself credit. If you are going to make any to do list; or revamp any existing list of goals and aspirations, first of all why even affiliate it with the flip of a calendar year. So again, what’s the one thing to try and do? Credit – to yourself, and really dig if you have to – take any one thing you wanted to change or manifest, see what has come closer, or evolved or appeared unexpectedly, or even sometimes redefined itself in a manner, so that you are not wasting your energy on something that which wasn’t meant.

How many jokes are even flying around as usual, about overcrowded gyms for the first 2 weeks in January. How’s this for a resolution, “I will already go into the year carrying the attitude of gratitude for what has worked out, and sever from any stress of being overwhelmed with a to do list of destinations versus enjoyed journeys”. It almost implies a resolution being, the doing away with the NYR in itself- POOF, gone …

I found 2017 to be an incredible year. Things that I could only imagine and dream of in years prior, have come to be. And I do believe there is much to be said about: having hopes and dreams is the first step (an ongoing process) to having what you want), but simultaneous to having goals, hopes, dreams, letting go of a sense of lack is an art form; it can make the difference between enjoying life starting this split second, versus “I will compile a list of everything I want – and once all that is collected, I will then be happy”.

Joe Vitale, one of the Guest Speakers in the classic life recipe The Secret tells us to remove the pressure off of what we wish to manifest with the phrase, “Wouldn’t be cool if _____” – you can complete that with whatever you desire in your life. Wouldn’t it be cool if, someone read this post and said, “Wow, why have I been putting so much pressure on myself, I think I will give myself some credit and some more time for my goal, because I like me; I deserve that”. If I cause one person to feel that way – I’m smiling. Joe references this in part 3 of a 7 video series – transmuting to gratitude is a concept also explained. Way cool:

You deserve to be happy right now. You deserve to write a list of the multitude of accomplishments you have made this past year, that will grow even further next year. You deserve abundance of health, wealth, love and happiness. You deserve to have less stress. You deserve to have decreased emotional and physical pain. You deserve to experience a loved one recover from an ailment or crisis. You deserve to read this without rolling your eyes and saying “YAH Easy for you to say”. Because it is not always easy to make these statements and believe them inside.

I truly wish us all, to start this New Year, with all strengths and accomplishments magnified and evolved. Because the first accomplishment, is about to happen very soon; once we simply say “I am here”, in 2018, whereas others cannot. If you have any one problem that feels like cement, as the calendar flips, I truly hope you can start with a sense of letting go, and a moment of ease. As the great Wayne W. Dyer reminded us, when a problem seems larger than life, instead of embracing the problem, send it out to the Universe, for it to be resolved in that vastness. “I realize this problem is larger than me, I send it out to the Universe” only for the solution to return to me.

You can utilize over 15 life changing strategies from the Angel; the man himself here:

15 Life Changing Lessons to Learn from Wayne Dyer

Focus on all that brings you peace, love, tranquility, calmness, happiness, and deserved happiness. Tell yourself what you deserve. Perhaps you deserve much more than you have ever given yourself credit for, and be amazed at what you may receive. Dwell on what has made you happy, especially if there were instances when you gave of yourself with the expectation of nothing in return, but being grateful to offer some service to others. One of the greatest tributes you can offer to yourself, is to focus on accomplishments, and even redefine what “little milestones” were some of the carvings to your greatest achievements over time.

May your resolution already be resolved, and in whatever way you may require to heal in order to flourish – see yourself as perfect; from divinity.

Be well, always, and heal.

Sleep Even Better Now (part 2)

How did you sleep last night? Did you toss and turn? Count sheep? Recalculate how much time you had left “If I fall asleep now, I’ll have this many hours…” like four or five times??? Many people still need improvement in this area of their life, as job and family obligations seem to steadily increase. Sleep is a sacred thing …

So since I had put up some info in regards to sleeping better a while back, and or being able to stay asleep https://wp.me/p8i0zv-1s

I had been contacted by a sleep expert from all the way in Germany ! How cool is that; I say – VERY! Having a good sleep is really not something to be taken for granted, and it is admirable that experts and engineers are completely devoted to the facets of sleep as a means to achieve better quality of life and improved levels of health.

Without any further a due, I present to you Mr. Joe Robinson of Downduvethttps://www.downduvet.co.uk/

When I had posted my initial blog about getting better sleep I admittedly was a bit proud, because I empathize with anyone struggling in this department. BUT, I was humbled once Joe had emailed me, and provided a link for their infographic about getting better sleep – TOTALLY IMPRESSIVE! and here it is:


Once you check that out, I truly think it holds something for everyone, especially for any people I ever chatted with about disrupted or poor quality of sleep. Seriously, if you don’t sleep well, you feel like garbage. You are less productive – you owe it to yourself.

By the way, if you are looking to try and make someone swoon this Christmas with a thoughtful gift, a duvet could very well be the way to go! And make it a good one.

Sleep Well, Be Well, and Heal

Healing from sexual abuse

It is with great honor, I present to you Canadian author / writer and life coach, Sarah Norrad. Her works include numerous Facebook poems and inspirational memoir pieces, as well as column articles for the Elephant Journal: www.elephantjournal.com

Sarah is an inspirational, courageous and gentle soul, whose journey will amaze you. She has a true gift for painting canvases of kindness with her words, which will resonate with many, and especially those who are seeking some type of spiritual guidance in their lives. I could not help but to take opportunity, to consult with Sarah, and re-post her most recent work, which I am certain you will find, is nothing short of amazing. It reaches out to both men and women, to empower people in dealing with and recovering from traumatic life events, which pertain to sexual abuse. Cited first, is her very own Facebook pre-amble, followed by a link to her article. It is an incredible life story, which took tremendous courage, and compassion towards others, to be able to write. Thank you Sarah.


Dear you’s…

I’ll start by saying this was an incredibly challenging article for me to write, and also that there might be a trigger warning for some too.

But I sat for a while with the reason for writing this, and it was pure and from my heart. It is a reminder for me why I am on the path that I am, and also why I choose to work with men and their powerful selves.

I believe everything in our lives can be used for positive transformation – This story is a little bit about my own. For I want the success of humankind. I desire the flourishing of a collective of inspired and proud individuals. A thriving society means we overcome our limiting beliefs about each other—and, especially, about men.

This is part of the work I do. And not everyone’s road looks the same. However, I do believe wholeness is always possible, as well I believe, is the ability to feel love.

Thanks for journeying here with me ❤️

I Should Hate Men, but I Choose Love Instead.

Healing from Fate and through, Fate

“It was just meant to be… ” or was it ? 

Have you chosen to believe that something would happen for you when it was meant to happen, and when it was best for you; divine timing? Do you believe you were put here for a reason, but you can’t figure out what that reason might be; divine purpose? Whether or not one believes in fate, can start with what one defines fate as. Something that was meant to be or not be, and whether there are positive or negative associations with the experience.

Here are the first noun and verb definitions that appears online for fate:

(n) the development of events beyond a person’s control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power.

(v) be destined to happen, turn out, or act in a particular way.

Both imply that there is a sense of control, or lack thereof, intertwined with the concept. Perhaps one of the more difficult tasks in our journey on earth, is to relinquish ourselves to the unknown. Allowing life to unfold as opposed to sculpting life to play out like a clandestine script.  In part, living in the moment, yet having enough substance in defining of our life purpose, that we feel we have established direction. Is there any one moment when we step back and say, “Ah, now I am on the right path”.

If you want to go down the religious road, you can find out what the bible has to say about fate:


Think of a time in your life, when a possible sequence of events, timing, resulted in: meeting someone significant and life changing, when a near miss accident or even accident occurred, a job or project came through unexpectedly, you found and answer you had been searching for once you had stopped searching. The concept is as fascinating as it is frustrating at times. It can leave a person saying, “Why does this always keep happening to me” as much as it could, “Wow, had I not been there at that precise moment, this (wonderful thing) may not have happened”.

With respect to repeating cycles, there’s a concept that until we have learned a valuable lesson, to our better ourselves, a certain life occurrence may reappear until it somehow has served a purpose. It could apply to career and personal relationships. Some take this to the extent, that lessons we had not learned from our past lives, play a role in what lessons we must learn in the current life. Even in the context of one lifetime, we will make some mistakes, which may very well serve a purpose to move us to where we should be. I can’t fully buy the concept that we completely control of our destiny, and that we entirely manifest all that transpires in our life. I do believe, we have a great effect, on discovering a path to our hopes, dreams and desires, by being aware of our thoughts and actions, and reflecting on past behaviors that left us with a sense of disappointment, unresolved or sadness.

I reference Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, from his blog, and in specific to destiny manifestation and what he refers to as self-actualizing; a wonderful read:

Without a Doubt

What does fate have to do with healing? To heal from something doesn’t have to entail that it is a life threatening condition. There is just as much healing of the mind to consider, as within the body. In order to get over something, telling yourself it happened the way it was meant to, can allow letting go, and moving on. I can’t see someone’s life becoming easier if they never thought, that any one event was outside of their control. What a burden of responsibility that would be. Would you really want to be in control of every facet of your life? Growing as individuals, is a part of healing; acceptance. If you are making a list of fateful events in your life, I hope the positives associated outweigh the negatives by far.

Your fate, is to Heal, and Be Well

Having a Voice

Feel you have lost your voice? And I don’t mean laryngitis…

A voice, meaning, the ability to express yourself without judgment, having a say, not only saying – but being heard. Does being repressed, start by someone else’s doing, but then escalate by our own fulfilling of, hushing ourselves? I’m not pulling the word def this time; just look at that last word; re + pressed; something pressed down over and over … Is it possible re-pressed leads to de-pressed? Repressed voice equals repressed feelings; I think it’s quite possible.

Losing your voice, or an inability to speak or speak up for, yourself, can culminate within any relationship: a partner, a boss, a family member, a friend. So if you have a person in your life, and they are hardwired for pretty much, “My way or the highway” or “When I want your opinion I will give it to you”… so here goes.

Words are sounds, sounds are energy, words can be a powerful form of energy, misused as a means to manipulate a person. Words might carry less meaning, when one’s actions do not match what words have been spoken. And one of the most magical warning signs, of a manipulative person, might be – the word sorry. The classic get out of jail free card; all is forgiven, clean slate, and in the blink of an eye, the next meaningless sorry comes around the corner. They might only appear to admit fault, giving the false impression they are willing to change, in order to lower your guard, and keep you in a position of being submissive.

Your Voice – What it is and How It Is Silenced By the Narcissist

Now forgiveness is a great gift http://wp.me/p8i0zv-1Z, but if all is forgiven too soon, it can inadvertently condone further abuse from a person. Sometimes, there may be no choice, but to make yourself completely unavailable to a person, whom lacks either the compassion, conscience, or intelligence to realize they are taking you completely for granted. What it boils down to, is YOU have a choice. You have a voice. If someone yells at you or bully’s you, you do not necessarily have to yell back, you simply have to speak, or, leave. Ever heard the phrase, detach yourself form the energy of which is no longer serving you? You have now …

Is it hard for you to hear friends telling you, you need to stand your ground more? You need to grow a thick skin? Yenh, we have all had the pep talks, but if they don’t come to us at the right time, they tend to sound cynical, though the intentions are to bolster your confidence and well-being. So I found a great little article, and ways to be in “control” of ourselves as a way to be more in control, with respect to healthy relationships. Yes, having boundaries (standards) is a part of it.

You Won’t Find True Love Until You Accept These 10 Things

Although the article, comes from the obvious ideal of love relationships, I believe the concepts are transferable, and that by following those steps, you may start to look at many relationships in a different light.

Is there someone you feel you do not have a voice with? Is there a grave difference between speaking your mind to them, versus the minimal that you say to them?

Be well, have a Voice, and Heal

Healing Through Your Thoughts

The Creations of our Mind

I want a new car – POOF, it appears. I want a mansion – POOF it appears. Thoughts are practically this powerful, especially when it comes to healing. Some of the greatest minds, who are even considered healers themselves, carry such humility when they say something to the effect of, “I do no healing – I guide people how to tap into their own inner healer”. Isn’t that beautiful? How in-discriminant and abundant, to think that the channeling of one’s own thoughts, and the ability to trigger healings events physically, by firstly tapping into visualization alongside gratitude, is available to EVERYONE. There’s such a warm feeling of happiness that comes to me when writing this. Just be imagining, that someone, who might so urgently need a nudge to help them with an emotional or physical pain, might resonate with some words that appear, to help them trigger their own healing event; maybe even a needed catharsis.

Here is a full movie called “What the bleep do we know”, it addresses the argument of consciousness and observation theory; that thoughts affect outcomes: https://www.youtube.com/shared?ci=HMwO4Bt4hFk

So how come the mansion and new car do not instantaneously appear, merely by thinking about them for a few seconds. I was listening to a radio show the other day about job satisfaction, and with apology not being able to quote the speaker properly, he said something that really stuck. “The person who is miserable making $50,000.00 a year is just as likely to be miserable making $500,000.00 a year, and vice versa. The person who is content or happy making $50,000.00 a year is just as likely content or fulfilled, making $500,000.00 a year.” Doesn’t that sound like the realm of “us” (people) and a soul having a human experience, has some type of energetic, built in fail safe mechanism. Let’s call it LIFE. Or some may call it God. But either way, if something truly will not make us happy, our energy will not allow us to connect with it, and manifest it. Almost aligns with the phrase, “everything happens for a reason”. Don’t get all pouty and down hearing that (I might have at one time), think of it as a failsafe to protect you, not reject you. Would you rather waste energy on things that aren’t meant to be?

So now, focusing thoughts, positive thinking, on something that ails us like a back pain or headaches, or an emotional ailment like a state of depression of feeling of being trapped in life. Ok, fine be pragmatic, with all the power of positive thinking there is a chance, that fate or probability could allow nothing to change. BUT, what is the harm in at least trying to see yourself in a different light and state of being. I do believe, what we tell our self we become. But before we even worry about changing a thing, there’s a big door to happiness, and choosing to happy or at peace, may be the very first step in a process of evolving. Imagine this, you are feeling down and out, and granted there may be significant stress in your life; a tough time. But above this, we can magnify the events in our lives, by the energy of thoughts, that we fixate on, which add interest on the challenges. Are we obsessing and making things larger than life?
I have met people that have given thanks for injuries they incurred, because of the way it changed their life, and opened realities such as networks and business opportunities. Things that might not have occurred had a series of events not transpired. I wouldn’t encourage people to imagine them self as an incapacitated millionaire, but my point is, in times of strife a choice was given. An opportunity to brood about bad luck, or a chance to solve a puzzle. Being a previous sufferer of back pain, now when I get a sore back I try to fixate on “time to get moving again and keep exercising” or “WOW, I sure could use a stretching break today” or “have I been drinking enough water? If am dehydrated my muscles will let me know”. The Message? The Body has its own intelligence, even if we ignore it. If things get out of control, we may get a lucky warning sign, there is time to correct a problem, before a condition or disease can prevail.

Here is more goodness on thoughts affecting reality / outcome. It really sends a nice message of “careful what you think”; written by Dr. Masaru Emoto, a researcher and alternative healer from Japan:


It all starts with a magnificent form of energy; a thought. We can never fully disconnect our consciousness (thoughts) from the physical body. Think of it this way. The thought is the paint and the brush, and over repeated strokes (thoughts), the body (and our reality) is the image on the canvas, that is the result of the thoughts. If an abstract artist wants to replicate anger, an entire can of paint may be hurled at the canvas, even slashing it in one spot, still, the message is conveyed, it started with a thought. The imagery of a breathing taking forest or country side dirt road, likely had a different thought behind it, one of tranquility. Ask yourself – what are my thoughts? What is the energy that I am sending to the canvas? If this awful pain in my ankle was to vanish, how would I feel? What do I picture myself doing once this stiff and sore back subsides? Ahhh, there, I am lifting my children (or friend’s children) above my head laughing. I am going out with my friends, even though I am not 100 % because we all miss each other. I am walking along a beach. I am waking up to the smell of mountain air, and the sound of birds calling each other, ready for a vigorous hike. I really like that artist analogy. What can be created without a vision, a thought first; the first step in creativity?
One of the things I love most about people, is when I hear them talk about a situation that was rough for them, but you hear in their tone how they managed it, or worked through it, like it was a process and not a crisis. It’s inspiring. If we never had to heal from something, we may not truly appreciate the times which we consider ourselves to be well.

Be Well, ask yourself what your thoughts are, and Heal

Forgiveness and Healing

Do we have an embedded belief that forgiveness, is a form of weakness?

This is such an amazing topic, lately. Over the internet and reoccurring in course themes or educational materials related to self-help, life coaching, personal growth, blockages to achieving success or abundance, or even when addressing the cycles that re-occur in one’s life, the concept of forgiveness comes into play. What feelings, thoughts or memories immediately come to mind for you, in just hearing the word – forgive? Does the catch phrase forgive and forget, send a subconscious message to our brain, that in order to avoid being hurt again, we cannot forget, therefore we cannot forgive?

I found a great article titled, Why is it so hard to forgive? Via www.powertochange.com, it is worth checking out:


Do you feel, the act of forgiveness, takes your right in some way? A right to hold onto, a memory, a feeling, pain, a reminder to yourself never to make the same mistake twice? There is a huge spectrum to consider, for example the difference between someone calling us a name, or being rude, up to mental or physical abuse, and even taking the life of a loved one. That’s heavy … if you are not faced with that challenge, consider that in itself a blessing.

Forgiving Others

Firstly, looking at the forgiveness of others. Sometimes the harder people to forgive, are the ones we have placed higher trust in, such as family, close friends or spouses. It stings more, when someone you trust, hurts you in some way, or does something that challenges a weakness, that only they would know you have. Say you have a friend, and they know it drives you crazy any time they get on a certain topic, or they forget to include you in social gatherings, maybe they always seem to need you when they are a low, but they are gone when life is good. Maybe a spouse downplays their partner’s concerns, when the other is overly flirtatious at social gatherings, causing feelings of embarrassment, jealousy or even challenging the boundaries of the relationship. Whatever the case, they hurt you, and unless a grudge is held, they will just never learn right? (Even if they are being a twit).

I don’t think there is anything wrong with letting someone know they hurt you, but beyond this is a concept of dwelling, reliving trauma or anxiety, and not letting go. Validly, even if that person says sorry, and we utter back “it’s ok” or “I know, but don’t let it happen again”, we are taking a risk they may do it again – especially if they don’t realize, or are ignorant to, how upsetting this is. There is a certain energy that is sent out to them, and yourself in forgiveness though. An energy that calls for a desire to move on, and for things to be better in some way. Even, if we chose not to see someone as much in our life (if that’s an option). Being able to forgive someone, in some capacity, takes courage. Taking a chance; hoping a wrong doer will come to the light, realizing you are worth more than their actions towards you reflect. Leading a rationale versus reactionary life may play a part in this.

Overall, we can choose whether or not we seek bringing peace to situations or to perpetuate turmoil. It takes one person to start a feud, but another to keep it burning. Ultimately, even if the other person does not change, and we choose not to try forgiving them, do we really believe we are off the hook? If we choose this path, we may be needlessly punishing ourselves and re-exposing ourselves to the initial negativity of when the hurt began. What good is that to hold onto? Is there someone, you have trouble to even think of forgiving because they hurt you? It is unlikely forgiveness will follow, if in our thoughts, we picture this person at their worst, and continuing to hurt us repeatedly. Is there harm in at least imagining how good we would feel, for this person to treat us superbly? Sometimes just uttering the words “I forgive you” while you picture someone in your mind, may shift the energy between you and that person. You may have to say it a few times, before you buy into it being real. Thoughts are energy. Is there much of anything that happens for a person without a thought behind it first?

Forgiving Ourselves

If you cannot forgive yourself, how much harder is it to forgive others? Or is that vice versa? Or both. Do you feel that there is something blocking you, to becoming more of what you want to be or where you want to be, in life? When things come to mind that are faults or failures, do you credit yourself, with the pluses of what you learned or what strengthened you as a result of those life experiences. As creatures of habit though we may believe we are on a path seeking continual improvement, in doing so, we can easily fixate on a reliving a list of failures and short comings, such as jobs we didn’t get, hobbies that fell through, a trip that was cancelled, spending time with someone that was destructive or toxic in our life. Instead, in giving yourself credit (self-forgiveness), Did the experience serve a purpose at that time in your life? Because if you learned something, and if you became a better person, then a purpose was served. Sometimes we even become better people, by way of hardship or suffering. We learn empathy and compassion. The energy in self-persecution, can eventually affect a person physically, causing their physical health to suffer, along with mental health. If I had done wrong to someone, I had even appreciated them saying to me, “You know I am working on forgiving you, but give me some time – because it’s not coming easy”. This at least put us both on a human level, preserving dignity.

Check out this video series, by Dr. Joe Vitale, in what he refers to as a Hawaiian Clearing Technique; you will pull an easy to remember phrase (mantra) from video 4 of 7, which I found very versatile – I recommend all 7 videos in this series about Manifesting: The Law of Attraction. Joe is a wizard at breaking down limiting beliefs. Isn’t is cool that an expert teacher on Manifesting, who appeared in the movie The Secret, also talks about forgiveness as part of this:


”There is a time and a place for everything … “. When are ready to forgive another or ourselves? It is when we are ready to let go of something. Only you can define what the something is that you are holding onto. Maybe there are not even big things to be forgiven, but still, how we view the faults of others and ourselves may change, lifting a heaviness in energy that used to weigh us down. Our instincts may not always tell to us forgive, or be kind, at every opportunity.  I don’t believe that by forgiving, we have to forget. But what do we associate with the memory? That’s the key. What are we clinging to? A wise person once said it’s better to have a long memory instead of a short temper. Consider that there is a time to forgive, allowing for a time to move on, to better things.

Be Well, Forgive Yourself and Others, And Heal

Spirituality: What is it?

What does spirituality have to do with healing?

We cannot clearly say when a spiritual evolution started, or picked up more momentum than ever, but it is evident that we are in the midst of one.  I believe this strongly correlates with society developing a higher consciousness, and people globally finding a connection to “self” with respect to discovering identity, values and seeking out life purpose. A growing school of thought seems to be that spirituality can exist in the presence or absence of religious beliefs.

John Assaraf, a quantum physicist, does a beautiful job of explaining the three components of “our world” as being: spirit, mind and body. The article explains how consciousness and thoughts relate to each component.


Let’s take a peak at Mariam Webster’s definition of spiritual:

  1. 1:  of, relating to, consisting of, or affecting the spirit :  incorporeal <spiritual needs>
  2. 2a:  of or relating to sacred matters <spiritual songs>b :  ecclesiastical rather than lay or temporal <spiritual authority> <lords spiritual>
  3. 3:  concerned with religious values
  4. 4:  related or joined in spirit <our spiritualhome> <his spiritual heir>
  5. 5a:  of or relating to supernatural beings or phenomenab :  of, relating to, or involving spiritualism :  spiritualistic

spiritually: adverb

spiritualness: noun

Well excuse ME, is spirituality even a word? Any people I know, who consider themselves spiritual, are nowhere near as dry as the above definition. Let’s say spirituality is, the quality of being or consideration of one’s self to be: spiritual.

So what then are spiritual activities? They very well may relate to what people consider quality time; things that make us feel happy and complete. Fulfillment. Perhaps these are scenarios that relate spirituality:

  • Walking in a forest and taking a moment to appreciate nature, even if we cannot truly explain what amazing thing or force could create such wonder.
  • Seeking a health treatment of some sort, a means of healing that is directed at increase your overall sense of wellbeing.
  • Reaching out to someone in need; showing empathy and compassion. Having a genuine interest in seeing others being happy; a dislike for the suffering of others.
  • Having faith; some type of belief system, that you feel guides you in being the person you truly wish to be.
  • Asking questions of your own existence, or the existence of humanity.
  • Listening to friend in need.
  • Gratitude and or an awareness to the thoughts (forms of energy) that pre-occupy your mind.
  • Becoming a better person, with humility. I love the mantra, “I am no better than anyone, I am only better than the person that I was yesterday”.
  • When one is creative.
  • It may be associated with performing a well-intended service or act of some sort for a person or animal; or returning a favor, or giving simply for the sake of feeling that sense of gratitude that accompanies giving, without expectation in return.

Though there are many people who consider themselves spiritual, whether they pray, meditate or practice yoga, attend church, teach or encourage mental and physical health. The bettering of one’s self entitles no one, to carry a God complex, and treat others as lesser quality or lesser value, because the other has not “reached their level” in some capacity. I challenge anyone struggling with that to Practice what they Preach, and not merely Preach what they think they are Practicing.  Besides, a lot of judging of others stems from connecting with fear and insecurity versus confidence or contentment.

Maybe you need 10 great quotes to share with others on being spiritual. I like these for how they will make some people happy but more so provoke thought in others:


If we go back to John’s article, in a sense, everything in our life pertains to spirit in one way or another. Developing a sense of spiritual awareness, does helps us heal in a sense, because we are disconnecting with energies that no longer serve us. Outgrowing the past is a great tribute to it. Whether or not we are judgmental of others, based on assumptions or stereotypes, may be linked to what we consider or do not consider spiritual in our lives. Feelings and our perceptions of the world, as a good or bad place, without question form and challenge or belief systems.

I challenge you, without even changing anything in your life, before you say, “I am not spiritual”, look at all the aspects of your life, and finish this sentence, “I am spiritual because _____”.

I truly hope you surprise yourself, and give yourself credit in the process.

Be Well, be Spiritual, And Heal.

Creativity: Your Divine Spark and Healing

What does creativity have to with healing?

What is a Divine Spark? Have you ever considered there are more than words, to use as a way to express yourself and feel like you have a voice?

I recently met an accomplished piano player and established music teacher. Let’s call my friend Maestro ! Maestro really took me by storm when they expressed interest in becoming a writer – WOW. I have played guitar for many years, but had never endeavored into the world of teaching it, for no good excuses that are explainable. (In relation to healing and frequency; musicians – you may wish to also check out my previous post: http://wp.me/p8i0zv-l)

First some background music, a favorite, Antonio Vivaldi’s Four Seasons c/o YouTube (close your eyes and see what you hear):

So, about Maestro, here is a professional musician, whom I would easily look up to for their compassion to create and teach the gift of music, especially to children. But them telling me – something is holding them back to begin writing (authoring). Why? They have already been writing, just in a different form … Here’s my take on it. (images courtesy of Google).

teacher and child’s hands touch keyboard

When someone creates in any way, such as playing music, a form of vibration and expression is sent out. It can uplift people’s spirits and tap into emotional and psychological effects that benefit physical and mental health; healing. Is this much different than how words, which form sounds, cause thoughts and mental imagery to occur, and emotions to flourish? I say NO. Music can be measured in bars, notes, scales, harmonics, riffs, beats; literature can be measured in stanzas, style, and paragraphs, and rhythm. If one can write and interpret music; they truly have the divine spark to be able to express themselves in a different dimension, which is only different by a sense of perception.

Somehow, I don’t visualize people years ago on Easter Island, standing around, focused on limitations of how they couldn’t “get things done”.

When someone is learning how to write, sing, paint, sculpt, garden, cook (ok, well if you burn something – oops …), weave, design, perform or compose music; anything that taps into expressive qualities, it is the sense of having a creative voice and no rules that is a form of release. Granted any of these things can be criticized or judged, but when learning, if we approach them with “I made this, and its perfect, because I made it simply the way I wanted”, we have shown that a higher level of thinking and energy truly does exist. Creativity, truly has no bounds.

Starting a new hobby or discovering a new talent, does require some confidence. Societal misnomers, we learn early in life, that try to encourage us to BE ALL WE CAN BE, can be mistaken for “If you aren’t an expert right away, why bother” – AND THAT’S WRONG.

If you ever felt like your voice or opinion did not matter, you may have repressed feelings and a sense of in-expression built up. Healing from this, can feel like a re-birth. Create something today, anything, have a creative voice. You never know just how it may change your life and how you think.

Be Well, be Creative, and Heal


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Be Well, And Heal

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