What is your healing frequency?

Healing Through Frequency (Music)

To explain frequency – vibration – sound, you dont have to be an expert to understand the concept of sound waves. Musicians have a great connection to these concepts, and devout artists may even be described as having an ability to “feel their music”.  So why is that ? There have been a multitude of music studies in relation to the the effect of certain genres of music on humans, plants and animals. So isn’t it amazing to think that there is a relationship between “sounds” which can be created by people or computers and living organisms?

The first link I have posted from site called: Attuned Vibrations, really busts into a more technical concept, of how to focus on specific measurement of sounds vibration; frequency (hertz; Hz) – and how one measurement may be more effective than another, for the specific intention of exposing yourself to a “healing frequency”. WHOA, almost sounds like Star Trek stuff. I can say I have experimented with this myself – and at a minimum, sound wave therapy can do wonders for relaxation. Or how white noise (ocean waves, rain) is PROVEN to help babies get to sleep faster and have better quality sleep. I’ve benefited from this also, so call me a baby too.

432Hz vs. 528Hz

So on that “musical” note, if you are curious, and own some headphones, search YouTube.com for “healing frequencies” and you might be amazed at just how many search results you get. And you can even make the search specific to a location of the body or specific ailment. As with anything considered a therapy or “treatment”, if you have any type of condition being treated by a doctor or other health care professional – always communicate with them in your better interest.

Below is an amazing article written by Beverly Merz, Executive Editor, Harvard Women’s Health Watch. Cited from the article, is this amazing fact:

“Those who become certified music therapists are accomplished musicians who have deep knowledge of how music can evoke emotional responses to relax or stimulate people, or help them heal.”

Healing through music

So, now that you know this, what is your frequency? Be well, and heal.


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