Natural Remedies: Naturo-citrin and Oil that can Cure

There is much to be said about natural healing remedies. Over-the-counter pharmaceutical medications may be well proven to treat the symptoms of ailments. But natural and holistic medicines found in herbs and certain foods have been proven to boost a person’s immune system and get straight to the source of fighting sickness and infections.

The first easily created home remedy that I am drinking as I write this post, is what I would call naturo-citrin. Which is not loaded with acetaminophen…. so WANT TO GET RID OF A NASTY COLD OR FLU ??? ingredients are as follows:

Fill a medium sized pot 3/4 full of clean water
Peel and slice 1/2 or slightly more of a cup of fresh ginger root
Peel and slice 3 to 4 large cloves or garlic
Squeeze one entire large orange or 2 small oranges into the pot
Squeeze one 1/2 lemon into the pot
2 generous table spoons of honey added close to boiling

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Bring to a low boil with lid on the pot, allowing minimal steam to escape – unless you wish to steam yourself as this boils – carefully – to open the nasal sinuses. The honey mixed with the citric juices, may cause a bubbly foam, to boil over if the temperature is too high and you dont watch the pot and stir it periodically.

After about 15 – 20 minutes – let stand with lid on – you now have a powerful tea for colds and flu.

If you or anyone you make this for, has any blood pressure issues being treated by medication, or takes blood thinners – consult a physician with respect to the affects ginger and or garlic may have on blood and or blood pressure.

Garlic in itself is an amazing immune booster and blood cleanser. Some people are sensitive to raw garlic, and it may cause gastrointestinal (GI) upset if eaten in excess raw form. Exploring recipes using fresh garlic may be a way to ease yourself into benefiting from it. It is even said, if you are camping near a bad bout of mosquitoes, eating foods with garlic, and having garlic in the blood stream, can reduce the incidences of mosquito bites; those little bugger vampires.

Also, oregano is not only a wonderful part of Italian food, have you ever heard of oil of oregano? The oil is highly concentrated, and not recommended for cooking. Also, some oil of oregano products are only for topical use and not intended for ingestion. So you are probably asking then what is oil of oregano that can be taken orally used for?

For one, if you have any issues with your gums or for abscess on the gum line oil of oregano is a powerful remedy that can treat these conditions. A cautious reminder with this product is that the potency of the oil is very strong. You would never want this anywhere near your eyes. Also if taken orally it is best that you already have some type of juice or tea in your mouth, and use the bulb dropper to squeeze a dosage into your mouth and swallow the oil of oregano as soon as possible. Learn more about oil of oregano at the link below:

Oral oil of oregano is a very powerful blood cleanser and immune booster. It contains antioxidant properties. Once you are more accustomed to the unique flavor you can get a little bit more adventurous with creating oral suspensions with oil of oregano. You also may not want to use this everyday. Regular usage of this product can affect what things are going on physiologically with your body’s liver response in relation to immunity. Again, we cannot undermine the power of a natural remedy. If you are on any medications for liver or immune response, or have any condition affecting your liver, consult a physician before using this. Overuse may also upset the digestive system. I have used this product off and on for years and typically found a brand called Joy of the Mountains, most beneficial.

Be Well, and Heal …

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