Sleep Better NOW !

So, how are you feeling today? If the answer is – not good… so so … Then, how did you sleep last night?

Many people suffer from poor quality of sleep, for very common reasons. Some of these reasons ARE within a persons control to remedy, and even just a couple of better quality nights of sleep, can have you feeling like a new person again.

People need sleep, it is how the body repairs physically, and how we rejuvenate, emotionally and mentally.  We need to recharge our batteries.

Do any of these sounds like you?  I fall asleep but cannot stay asleep, I cannot fall asleep easily, I cannot “turn off my thoughts – mind racing”, I snore, I don’t feel like I go into deep sleep, I need it very dark or very quiet to sleep, if the house is too quiet I cannot sleep, I take medications that affect my sleep, I have ringing in my ears that keeps me awake … (these are only a few complaints).

The first place we can turn to for tips on sleep is Harvard, I really like item #2 and #5 in their recommendations. Our sleep environment is a huge factor:

For more complex issues, that are attributed to conditions like apnea, talk with you doctor, and or obtain referral to a specialist to be assessed for how you breath when you sleep:

Few people respond well to watching TV, reading online, or doing anything with high cognitive involvement, right up to bed time. You want to give yourself at least an hour of down time, to get into a better state of relaxation before sleeping, and reduce the rate of information you are processing before bed. The brain doesn’t have an instant off switch. Taking the smart phone or tablet to bed is NOT recommended, the bright screens alone can have a visual stimulus effect to keep us awake, interfering with the bodies release of melatonin:

Need help getting to sleep? Own any type of headphones? In my previous post “What is your healing Frequency”, I mentioned frequency tracks available on YouTube, that can facilitate falling asleep faster, and promote deeper uninterrupted sleep, check it out ! Avoid playing it at too high a volume, and give it a few minutes the first couple times you try it out. (be mindful, unless you subscribe there are ads commonly at the start of tracks) Typically i find tracks with wind, ocean waves, gentle hissing sounds, or white noise to be ones that work for me:

You may have to do a little searching of your own before you find one that matches you. If using your smart phone to access the vids, for sure flip the screen down so the light isn’t factor as mentioned.

Sleep Well,

Be Well, And Heal …


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