Creativity: Your Divine Spark and Healing

What does creativity have to with healing?

What is a Divine Spark? Have you ever considered there are more than words, to use as a way to express yourself and feel like you have a voice?

I recently met an accomplished piano player and established music teacher. Let’s call my friend Maestro ! Maestro really took me by storm when they expressed interest in becoming a writer – WOW. I have played guitar for many years, but had never endeavored into the world of teaching it, for no good excuses that are explainable. (In relation to healing and frequency; musicians – you may wish to also check out my previous post:

First some background music, a favorite, Antonio Vivaldi’s Four Seasons c/o YouTube (close your eyes and see what you hear):

So, about Maestro, here is a professional musician, whom I would easily look up to for their compassion to create and teach the gift of music, especially to children. But them telling me – something is holding them back to begin writing (authoring). Why? They have already been writing, just in a different form … Here’s my take on it. (images courtesy of Google).

teacher and child’s hands touch keyboard

When someone creates in any way, such as playing music, a form of vibration and expression is sent out. It can uplift people’s spirits and tap into emotional and psychological effects that benefit physical and mental health; healing. Is this much different than how words, which form sounds, cause thoughts and mental imagery to occur, and emotions to flourish? I say NO. Music can be measured in bars, notes, scales, harmonics, riffs, beats; literature can be measured in stanzas, style, and paragraphs, and rhythm. If one can write and interpret music; they truly have the divine spark to be able to express themselves in a different dimension, which is only different by a sense of perception.

Somehow, I don’t visualize people years ago on Easter Island, standing around, focused on limitations of how they couldn’t “get things done”.

When someone is learning how to write, sing, paint, sculpt, garden, cook (ok, well if you burn something – oops …), weave, design, perform or compose music; anything that taps into expressive qualities, it is the sense of having a creative voice and no rules that is a form of release. Granted any of these things can be criticized or judged, but when learning, if we approach them with “I made this, and its perfect, because I made it simply the way I wanted”, we have shown that a higher level of thinking and energy truly does exist. Creativity, truly has no bounds.

Starting a new hobby or discovering a new talent, does require some confidence. Societal misnomers, we learn early in life, that try to encourage us to BE ALL WE CAN BE, can be mistaken for “If you aren’t an expert right away, why bother” – AND THAT’S WRONG.

If you ever felt like your voice or opinion did not matter, you may have repressed feelings and a sense of in-expression built up. Healing from this, can feel like a re-birth. Create something today, anything, have a creative voice. You never know just how it may change your life and how you think.

Be Well, be Creative, and Heal

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