Spirituality: What is it?

What does spirituality have to do with healing?

We cannot clearly say when a spiritual evolution started, or picked up more momentum than ever, but it is evident that we are in the midst of one.  I believe this strongly correlates with society developing a higher consciousness, and people globally finding a connection to “self” with respect to discovering identity, values and seeking out life purpose. A growing school of thought seems to be that spirituality can exist in the presence or absence of religious beliefs.

John Assaraf, a quantum physicist, does a beautiful job of explaining the three components of “our world” as being: spirit, mind and body. The article explains how consciousness and thoughts relate to each component.


Let’s take a peak at Mariam Webster’s definition of spiritual:

  1. 1:  of, relating to, consisting of, or affecting the spirit :  incorporeal <spiritual needs>
  2. 2a:  of or relating to sacred matters <spiritual songs>b :  ecclesiastical rather than lay or temporal <spiritual authority> <lords spiritual>
  3. 3:  concerned with religious values
  4. 4:  related or joined in spirit <our spiritualhome> <his spiritual heir>
  5. 5a:  of or relating to supernatural beings or phenomenab :  of, relating to, or involving spiritualism :  spiritualistic

spiritually: adverb

spiritualness: noun

Well excuse ME, is spirituality even a word? Any people I know, who consider themselves spiritual, are nowhere near as dry as the above definition. Let’s say spirituality is, the quality of being or consideration of one’s self to be: spiritual.

So what then are spiritual activities? They very well may relate to what people consider quality time; things that make us feel happy and complete. Fulfillment. Perhaps these are scenarios that relate spirituality:

  • Walking in a forest and taking a moment to appreciate nature, even if we cannot truly explain what amazing thing or force could create such wonder.
  • Seeking a health treatment of some sort, a means of healing that is directed at increase your overall sense of wellbeing.
  • Reaching out to someone in need; showing empathy and compassion. Having a genuine interest in seeing others being happy; a dislike for the suffering of others.
  • Having faith; some type of belief system, that you feel guides you in being the person you truly wish to be.
  • Asking questions of your own existence, or the existence of humanity.
  • Listening to friend in need.
  • Gratitude and or an awareness to the thoughts (forms of energy) that pre-occupy your mind.
  • Becoming a better person, with humility. I love the mantra, “I am no better than anyone, I am only better than the person that I was yesterday”.
  • When one is creative.
  • It may be associated with performing a well-intended service or act of some sort for a person or animal; or returning a favor, or giving simply for the sake of feeling that sense of gratitude that accompanies giving, without expectation in return.

Though there are many people who consider themselves spiritual, whether they pray, meditate or practice yoga, attend church, teach or encourage mental and physical health. The bettering of one’s self entitles no one, to carry a God complex, and treat others as lesser quality or lesser value, because the other has not “reached their level” in some capacity. I challenge anyone struggling with that to Practice what they Preach, and not merely Preach what they think they are Practicing.  Besides, a lot of judging of others stems from connecting with fear and insecurity versus confidence or contentment.

Maybe you need 10 great quotes to share with others on being spiritual. I like these for how they will make some people happy but more so provoke thought in others:


If we go back to John’s article, in a sense, everything in our life pertains to spirit in one way or another. Developing a sense of spiritual awareness, does helps us heal in a sense, because we are disconnecting with energies that no longer serve us. Outgrowing the past is a great tribute to it. Whether or not we are judgmental of others, based on assumptions or stereotypes, may be linked to what we consider or do not consider spiritual in our lives. Feelings and our perceptions of the world, as a good or bad place, without question form and challenge or belief systems.

I challenge you, without even changing anything in your life, before you say, “I am not spiritual”, look at all the aspects of your life, and finish this sentence, “I am spiritual because _____”.

I truly hope you surprise yourself, and give yourself credit in the process.

Be Well, be Spiritual, And Heal.

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