Healing Through Your Thoughts

The Creations of our Mind

I want a new car – POOF, it appears. I want a mansion – POOF it appears. Thoughts are practically this powerful, especially when it comes to healing. Some of the greatest minds, who are even considered healers themselves, carry such humility when they say something to the effect of, “I do no healing – I guide people how to tap into their own inner healer”. Isn’t that beautiful? How in-discriminant and abundant, to think that the channeling of one’s own thoughts, and the ability to trigger healings events physically, by firstly tapping into visualization alongside gratitude, is available to EVERYONE. There’s such a warm feeling of happiness that comes to me when writing this. Just be imagining, that someone, who might so urgently need a nudge to help them with an emotional or physical pain, might resonate with some words that appear, to help them trigger their own healing event; maybe even a needed catharsis.

Here is a full movie called “What the bleep do we know”, it addresses the argument of consciousness and observation theory; that thoughts affect outcomes: https://www.youtube.com/shared?ci=HMwO4Bt4hFk

So how come the mansion and new car do not instantaneously appear, merely by thinking about them for a few seconds. I was listening to a radio show the other day about job satisfaction, and with apology not being able to quote the speaker properly, he said something that really stuck. “The person who is miserable making $50,000.00 a year is just as likely to be miserable making $500,000.00 a year, and vice versa. The person who is content or happy making $50,000.00 a year is just as likely content or fulfilled, making $500,000.00 a year.” Doesn’t that sound like the realm of “us” (people) and a soul having a human experience, has some type of energetic, built in fail safe mechanism. Let’s call it LIFE. Or some may call it God. But either way, if something truly will not make us happy, our energy will not allow us to connect with it, and manifest it. Almost aligns with the phrase, “everything happens for a reason”. Don’t get all pouty and down hearing that (I might have at one time), think of it as a failsafe to protect you, not reject you. Would you rather waste energy on things that aren’t meant to be?

So now, focusing thoughts, positive thinking, on something that ails us like a back pain or headaches, or an emotional ailment like a state of depression of feeling of being trapped in life. Ok, fine be pragmatic, with all the power of positive thinking there is a chance, that fate or probability could allow nothing to change. BUT, what is the harm in at least trying to see yourself in a different light and state of being. I do believe, what we tell our self we become. But before we even worry about changing a thing, there’s a big door to happiness, and choosing to happy or at peace, may be the very first step in a process of evolving. Imagine this, you are feeling down and out, and granted there may be significant stress in your life; a tough time. But above this, we can magnify the events in our lives, by the energy of thoughts, that we fixate on, which add interest on the challenges. Are we obsessing and making things larger than life?
I have met people that have given thanks for injuries they incurred, because of the way it changed their life, and opened realities such as networks and business opportunities. Things that might not have occurred had a series of events not transpired. I wouldn’t encourage people to imagine them self as an incapacitated millionaire, but my point is, in times of strife a choice was given. An opportunity to brood about bad luck, or a chance to solve a puzzle. Being a previous sufferer of back pain, now when I get a sore back I try to fixate on “time to get moving again and keep exercising” or “WOW, I sure could use a stretching break today” or “have I been drinking enough water? If am dehydrated my muscles will let me know”. The Message? The Body has its own intelligence, even if we ignore it. If things get out of control, we may get a lucky warning sign, there is time to correct a problem, before a condition or disease can prevail.

Here is more goodness on thoughts affecting reality / outcome. It really sends a nice message of “careful what you think”; written by Dr. Masaru Emoto, a researcher and alternative healer from Japan:


It all starts with a magnificent form of energy; a thought. We can never fully disconnect our consciousness (thoughts) from the physical body. Think of it this way. The thought is the paint and the brush, and over repeated strokes (thoughts), the body (and our reality) is the image on the canvas, that is the result of the thoughts. If an abstract artist wants to replicate anger, an entire can of paint may be hurled at the canvas, even slashing it in one spot, still, the message is conveyed, it started with a thought. The imagery of a breathing taking forest or country side dirt road, likely had a different thought behind it, one of tranquility. Ask yourself – what are my thoughts? What is the energy that I am sending to the canvas? If this awful pain in my ankle was to vanish, how would I feel? What do I picture myself doing once this stiff and sore back subsides? Ahhh, there, I am lifting my children (or friend’s children) above my head laughing. I am going out with my friends, even though I am not 100 % because we all miss each other. I am walking along a beach. I am waking up to the smell of mountain air, and the sound of birds calling each other, ready for a vigorous hike. I really like that artist analogy. What can be created without a vision, a thought first; the first step in creativity?
One of the things I love most about people, is when I hear them talk about a situation that was rough for them, but you hear in their tone how they managed it, or worked through it, like it was a process and not a crisis. It’s inspiring. If we never had to heal from something, we may not truly appreciate the times which we consider ourselves to be well.

Be Well, ask yourself what your thoughts are, and Heal

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