So are you a pothead, or a patient?

The legalization saga continues …

What interesting times prevail. People are rallying to legalize marijuana, with two obvious and different mindsets behind the mantra. Those that legitimately require this as medicine and are likely on some type of treatment guided by a physician, and recreational burnouts that want to get high as kite, thinking they will be allowed to be completely irresponsible should legalization occur.

You can usually sniff out the Twinkie snarfing low grade arguments, where people try rationale how good pot is by bashing alcohol and tobacco. Which is essentially as valid as saying, people who smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol are bad, but those who use marijuana happen to be genetically superior – not buying it. What is interesting, and perhaps even frightening about the legalization of marijuana, is that is stands to be monopolized by the government. Turned into a profit driven “controlled substance”. What if, the control and legalization of marijuana, resulted in private market (illegal) prices to be less than what legal pot was going for? CONGRATS, then you have just entirely defeated the purpose of legalization, and any arguments that legalization and de-criminalization go hand in hand.  Lowest dollar wins, whether it is clean from the source or not.

If validly, one uses marijuana such as for severe pain management and or alleviation of chemotherapy symptoms which are awful, then for sure, legalization may serve its purpose. Overall, I would hope that legalization fosters, availability and affordability for those who are truly in medical need of this “medicine”.  And not making it easier for these genetically superior stoners, to stay blasted out of their skulls.

I fail to understand what purpose at ALL, it serves to push for any developments, to try and have milestones occur at either 4:20 am or pm, or on April 20th … Completely stupid !!! And making Canadian flags with a pot leaf instead of a maple leaf? And you expect to earn respect for yourself? You are a mockery – but thanks for serving in the fight against legalization. If the government sees enough people acting like idiots in advance, maybe that will be enough to cause a step back and say; “Okay, maybe this isn’t such a good idea, they can’t handle the concept already.” Or perhaps all government grounds and Parliament Hill needs a steady mob of whacked out waste cases, completely stoned and rolling around like sun stroked seals, 24 / 7 … or at least at 4:20 … This screams unequal rights movement. If you do pot, legal or not, you need to be treated special now.

It should be about the patients, and remedies for suffering – NOT the potheads. And what a chore to separate the legitimate from the achievers.  Maybe, the recreational users, don’t know what they are truly hoping for, maybe it will hurt them in the end. But anyone who would gloat about how there is no breathalyzer for marijuana, and still expect to be taken seriously in their plight to legalize marijuana, is the biggest joke of all.

We will see how this unfolds, and if you have a vice of any sort, be responsible. This has a long way to go, and it simply may not happen – wait until you see what your new Grow Op tax is … we haven’t even gotten to paranoid stoner, who down the road will be drumming up conspiracy theories about how the government is testing drugs secretly, in the controlled marijuana. Quick put a big slash mark on your legalize pot sign before it’s too late … Controlled substance – controlled citizen.

Be Well, and Heal

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