Healing from Fate and through, Fate

“It was just meant to be… ” or was it ? 

Have you chosen to believe that something would happen for you when it was meant to happen, and when it was best for you; divine timing? Do you believe you were put here for a reason, but you can’t figure out what that reason might be; divine purpose? Whether or not one believes in fate, can start with what one defines fate as. Something that was meant to be or not be, and whether there are positive or negative associations with the experience.

Here are the first noun and verb definitions that appears online for fate:

(n) the development of events beyond a person’s control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power.

(v) be destined to happen, turn out, or act in a particular way.

Both imply that there is a sense of control, or lack thereof, intertwined with the concept. Perhaps one of the more difficult tasks in our journey on earth, is to relinquish ourselves to the unknown. Allowing life to unfold as opposed to sculpting life to play out like a clandestine script.  In part, living in the moment, yet having enough substance in defining of our life purpose, that we feel we have established direction. Is there any one moment when we step back and say, “Ah, now I am on the right path”.

If you want to go down the religious road, you can find out what the bible has to say about fate:


Think of a time in your life, when a possible sequence of events, timing, resulted in: meeting someone significant and life changing, when a near miss accident or even accident occurred, a job or project came through unexpectedly, you found and answer you had been searching for once you had stopped searching. The concept is as fascinating as it is frustrating at times. It can leave a person saying, “Why does this always keep happening to me” as much as it could, “Wow, had I not been there at that precise moment, this (wonderful thing) may not have happened”.

With respect to repeating cycles, there’s a concept that until we have learned a valuable lesson, to our better ourselves, a certain life occurrence may reappear until it somehow has served a purpose. It could apply to career and personal relationships. Some take this to the extent, that lessons we had not learned from our past lives, play a role in what lessons we must learn in the current life. Even in the context of one lifetime, we will make some mistakes, which may very well serve a purpose to move us to where we should be. I can’t fully buy the concept that we completely control of our destiny, and that we entirely manifest all that transpires in our life. I do believe, we have a great effect, on discovering a path to our hopes, dreams and desires, by being aware of our thoughts and actions, and reflecting on past behaviors that left us with a sense of disappointment, unresolved or sadness.

I reference Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, from his blog, and in specific to destiny manifestation and what he refers to as self-actualizing; a wonderful read:

Without a Doubt

What does fate have to do with healing? To heal from something doesn’t have to entail that it is a life threatening condition. There is just as much healing of the mind to consider, as within the body. In order to get over something, telling yourself it happened the way it was meant to, can allow letting go, and moving on. I can’t see someone’s life becoming easier if they never thought, that any one event was outside of their control. What a burden of responsibility that would be. Would you really want to be in control of every facet of your life? Growing as individuals, is a part of healing; acceptance. If you are making a list of fateful events in your life, I hope the positives associated outweigh the negatives by far.

Your fate, is to Heal, and Be Well

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