Healing from sexual abuse

It is with great honor, I present to you Canadian author / writer and life coach, Sarah Norrad. Her works include numerous Facebook poems and inspirational memoir pieces, as well as column articles for the Elephant Journal: www.elephantjournal.com

Sarah is an inspirational, courageous and gentle soul, whose journey will amaze you. She has a true gift for painting canvases of kindness with her words, which will resonate with many, and especially those who are seeking some type of spiritual guidance in their lives. I could not help but to take opportunity, to consult with Sarah, and re-post her most recent work, which I am certain you will find, is nothing short of amazing. It reaches out to both men and women, to empower people in dealing with and recovering from traumatic life events, which pertain to sexual abuse. Cited first, is her very own Facebook pre-amble, followed by a link to her article. It is an incredible life story, which took tremendous courage, and compassion towards others, to be able to write. Thank you Sarah.


Dear you’s…

I’ll start by saying this was an incredibly challenging article for me to write, and also that there might be a trigger warning for some too.

But I sat for a while with the reason for writing this, and it was pure and from my heart. It is a reminder for me why I am on the path that I am, and also why I choose to work with men and their powerful selves.

I believe everything in our lives can be used for positive transformation – This story is a little bit about my own. For I want the success of humankind. I desire the flourishing of a collective of inspired and proud individuals. A thriving society means we overcome our limiting beliefs about each other—and, especially, about men.

This is part of the work I do. And not everyone’s road looks the same. However, I do believe wholeness is always possible, as well I believe, is the ability to feel love.

Thanks for journeying here with me ❤️

I Should Hate Men, but I Choose Love Instead.

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