~ Healing from the Classic failed New Years Resolution ~


So have you been flooded by people or websites asking what your NYR is? Wow look even an acronym for New Years Resolution – it must be important then, right?

I give you this to explore a concept of non-committing for yourself; not to give up on any goals that did not finalize in 2017, or love any special ones or animals in your life any less, or in some ways even change anything. All but for one concept – give yourself credit. If you are going to make any to do list; or revamp any existing list of goals and aspirations, first of all why even affiliate it with the flip of a calendar year. So again, what’s the one thing to try and do? Credit – to yourself, and really dig if you have to – take any one thing you wanted to change or manifest, see what has come closer, or evolved or appeared unexpectedly, or even sometimes redefined itself in a manner, so that you are not wasting your energy on something that which wasn’t meant.

How many jokes are even flying around as usual, about overcrowded gyms for the first 2 weeks in January. How’s this for a resolution, “I will already go into the year carrying the attitude of gratitude for what has worked out, and sever from any stress of being overwhelmed with a to do list of destinations versus enjoyed journeys”. It almost implies a resolution being, the doing away with the NYR in itself- POOF, gone …

I found 2017 to be an incredible year. Things that I could only imagine and dream of in years prior, have come to be. And I do believe there is much to be said about: having hopes and dreams is the first step (an ongoing process) to having what you want), but simultaneous to having goals, hopes, dreams, letting go of a sense of lack is an art form; it can make the difference between enjoying life starting this split second, versus “I will compile a list of everything I want – and once all that is collected, I will then be happy”.

Joe Vitale, one of the Guest Speakers in the classic life recipe The Secret tells us to remove the pressure off of what we wish to manifest with the phrase, “Wouldn’t be cool if _____” – you can complete that with whatever you desire in your life. Wouldn’t it be cool if, someone read this post and said, “Wow, why have I been putting so much pressure on myself, I think I will give myself some credit and some more time for my goal, because I like me; I deserve that”. If I cause one person to feel that way – I’m smiling. Joe references this in part 3 of a 7 video series – transmuting to gratitude is a concept also explained. Way cool:

You deserve to be happy right now. You deserve to write a list of the multitude of accomplishments you have made this past year, that will grow even further next year. You deserve abundance of health, wealth, love and happiness. You deserve to have less stress. You deserve to have decreased emotional and physical pain. You deserve to experience a loved one recover from an ailment or crisis. You deserve to read this without rolling your eyes and saying “YAH Easy for you to say”. Because it is not always easy to make these statements and believe them inside.

I truly wish us all, to start this New Year, with all strengths and accomplishments magnified and evolved. Because the first accomplishment, is about to happen very soon; once we simply say “I am here”, in 2018, whereas others cannot. If you have any one problem that feels like cement, as the calendar flips, I truly hope you can start with a sense of letting go, and a moment of ease. As the great Wayne W. Dyer reminded us, when a problem seems larger than life, instead of embracing the problem, send it out to the Universe, for it to be resolved in that vastness. “I realize this problem is larger than me, I send it out to the Universe” only for the solution to return to me.

You can utilize over 15 life changing strategies from the Angel; the man himself here:

15 Life Changing Lessons to Learn from Wayne Dyer

Focus on all that brings you peace, love, tranquility, calmness, happiness, and deserved happiness. Tell yourself what you deserve. Perhaps you deserve much more than you have ever given yourself credit for, and be amazed at what you may receive. Dwell on what has made you happy, especially if there were instances when you gave of yourself with the expectation of nothing in return, but being grateful to offer some service to others. One of the greatest tributes you can offer to yourself, is to focus on accomplishments, and even redefine what “little milestones” were some of the carvings to your greatest achievements over time.

May your resolution already be resolved, and in whatever way you may require to heal in order to flourish – see yourself as perfect; from divinity.

Be well, always, and heal.

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