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I had addressed this in part in my first post: Welcome to Healers Welcome


So a little more about me, your host, throughout high school, I had always been a fan of weight training and mountain biking, camping and fishing, I have one older brother who would sometimes join me in these activities. I had a smaller circle of friends growing up, but lucky that the kind of friends I had ended up lifers in a good sense. Between high school and university I had trained in the martial arts for five years. This would be where I was introduced the my first meditation concepts, stemming from Buddhist practices, as well as – some of the most grueling physical workouts I would ever survive in my life. I have been playing guitar for just under thirty years, and I write and record various types of songs; mainly acoustic and instrumental these days.

Once I finally went to university, not fully knowing what I wanted to do “with my life” but having still a great passion for physical activity, I began my Physical Education Degree in the late 90’s. About half way through those studies, I became partial to Phys Ed, specific to persons with disabilities.  By 2004 I had fully completed my degree. And I began working in a health club setting. I was eventually freelancing for another three years as a coach and personal trainer, with a mix of ambulatory clientele, and some persons with disability (mobility and or intellectual impairments). Once you are your own boss, it’s really hard to swallow someone else’s schedule again. It was near the end of university, I had met my (former) wife, who I would be with for eleven years. We share a beautiful son together, whom is the greatest little miracle in my life.

As I stated in my first blog post:

“This blog is what I like to consider, a safe space, where the concept of the ego can be set aside. A place where discrimination serves no purpose, a place to provoke thought, a place where the sharing ideas may even serve to compel others to find a specific purpose they are seeking. A place to escape, and relax.” 

So which authors inspired me? Well, since the mid to late 2000’s Dr. Wayne W. Dyer for one, I would watch his educational specials on PBS television, and I have read a few of his books, my most recent being There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem. Wayne’s writing is deep, intense, and for me – life changing. I would recommend his works to anyone going through any type of life crisis or strife. Other great writers such as Deepak Chopra, Brian Tracy, Anthony Robins, Brendon Burchard, Rhonda Byrne (and other guests in The Secret such as Joe Vitale), Sonia Ricotti, Riley Dayne (The Abundance Factor), Stephen Hawking, Neil Tyson Degrasse, and yes even great comedian Steven Wright – just to name a few.

And then, somewhere above the clouds, there is this blogger guy, who you MUST check out named Matthew Kaboomis Loomis


Why check out Matthew? Because he’s partly responsible for all of the craziness you are going to read from me, and he’s and over all amazing guy !

I’ve always been a writer of sort, either by way of writing songs or taking notes in school or meetings (tic … toc …) anyhow, I took after my father in that way. Dad filled several dollar stores worth of note books, pouring out his ideas and memoirs onto paper, at any spare chance. He still does to this day. Both my parents were teachers who met in teachers college. So now, for the past few years, I’ve taken even more of a passion, not only to delve into research on spirituality and healing, but to write. Writing has become part of my ritual and healing practice if you will. Learning how humanity coexists by exploring the different capacities in which, we heal. From the simple to the most complex. To levels only starting with the emotional and physical, and going beyond into the metaphysical, spiritual, cosmic, religious, social, cultural; definitive and mystical.

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