Sleep Better NOW !

So, how are you feeling today? If the answer is – not good… so so … Then, how did you sleep last night?

Many people suffer from poor quality of sleep, for very common reasons. Some of these reasons ARE within a persons control to remedy, and even just a couple of better quality nights of sleep, can have you feeling like a new person again.

People need sleep, it is how the body repairs physically, and how we rejuvenate, emotionally and mentally.  We need to recharge our batteries.

Do any of these sounds like you?  I fall asleep but cannot stay asleep, I cannot fall asleep easily, I cannot “turn off my thoughts – mind racing”, I snore, I don’t feel like I go into deep sleep, I need it very dark or very quiet to sleep, if the house is too quiet I cannot sleep, I take medications that affect my sleep, I have ringing in my ears that keeps me awake … (these are only a few complaints).

The first place we can turn to for tips on sleep is Harvard, I really like item #2 and #5 in their recommendations. Our sleep environment is a huge factor:

For more complex issues, that are attributed to conditions like apnea, talk with you doctor, and or obtain referral to a specialist to be assessed for how you breath when you sleep:

Few people respond well to watching TV, reading online, or doing anything with high cognitive involvement, right up to bed time. You want to give yourself at least an hour of down time, to get into a better state of relaxation before sleeping, and reduce the rate of information you are processing before bed. The brain doesn’t have an instant off switch. Taking the smart phone or tablet to bed is NOT recommended, the bright screens alone can have a visual stimulus effect to keep us awake, interfering with the bodies release of melatonin:

Need help getting to sleep? Own any type of headphones? In my previous post “What is your healing Frequency”, I mentioned frequency tracks available on YouTube, that can facilitate falling asleep faster, and promote deeper uninterrupted sleep, check it out ! Avoid playing it at too high a volume, and give it a few minutes the first couple times you try it out. (be mindful, unless you subscribe there are ads commonly at the start of tracks) Typically i find tracks with wind, ocean waves, gentle hissing sounds, or white noise to be ones that work for me:

You may have to do a little searching of your own before you find one that matches you. If using your smart phone to access the vids, for sure flip the screen down so the light isn’t factor as mentioned.

Sleep Well,

Be Well, And Heal …


Natural Remedies: Naturo-citrin and Oil that can Cure

There is much to be said about natural healing remedies. Over-the-counter pharmaceutical medications may be well proven to treat the symptoms of ailments. But natural and holistic medicines found in herbs and certain foods have been proven to boost a person’s immune system and get straight to the source of fighting sickness and infections.

The first easily created home remedy that I am drinking as I write this post, is what I would call naturo-citrin. Which is not loaded with acetaminophen…. so WANT TO GET RID OF A NASTY COLD OR FLU ??? ingredients are as follows:

Fill a medium sized pot 3/4 full of clean water
Peel and slice 1/2 or slightly more of a cup of fresh ginger root
Peel and slice 3 to 4 large cloves or garlic
Squeeze one entire large orange or 2 small oranges into the pot
Squeeze one 1/2 lemon into the pot
2 generous table spoons of honey added close to boiling

(image courtesy of Google)

Bring to a low boil with lid on the pot, allowing minimal steam to escape – unless you wish to steam yourself as this boils – carefully – to open the nasal sinuses. The honey mixed with the citric juices, may cause a bubbly foam, to boil over if the temperature is too high and you dont watch the pot and stir it periodically.

After about 15 – 20 minutes – let stand with lid on – you now have a powerful tea for colds and flu.

If you or anyone you make this for, has any blood pressure issues being treated by medication, or takes blood thinners – consult a physician with respect to the affects ginger and or garlic may have on blood and or blood pressure.

Garlic in itself is an amazing immune booster and blood cleanser. Some people are sensitive to raw garlic, and it may cause gastrointestinal (GI) upset if eaten in excess raw form. Exploring recipes using fresh garlic may be a way to ease yourself into benefiting from it. It is even said, if you are camping near a bad bout of mosquitoes, eating foods with garlic, and having garlic in the blood stream, can reduce the incidences of mosquito bites; those little bugger vampires.

Also, oregano is not only a wonderful part of Italian food, have you ever heard of oil of oregano? The oil is highly concentrated, and not recommended for cooking. Also, some oil of oregano products are only for topical use and not intended for ingestion. So you are probably asking then what is oil of oregano that can be taken orally used for?

For one, if you have any issues with your gums or for abscess on the gum line oil of oregano is a powerful remedy that can treat these conditions. A cautious reminder with this product is that the potency of the oil is very strong. You would never want this anywhere near your eyes. Also if taken orally it is best that you already have some type of juice or tea in your mouth, and use the bulb dropper to squeeze a dosage into your mouth and swallow the oil of oregano as soon as possible. Learn more about oil of oregano at the link below:

Oral oil of oregano is a very powerful blood cleanser and immune booster. It contains antioxidant properties. Once you are more accustomed to the unique flavor you can get a little bit more adventurous with creating oral suspensions with oil of oregano. You also may not want to use this everyday. Regular usage of this product can affect what things are going on physiologically with your body’s liver response in relation to immunity. Again, we cannot undermine the power of a natural remedy. If you are on any medications for liver or immune response, or have any condition affecting your liver, consult a physician before using this. Overuse may also upset the digestive system. I have used this product off and on for years and typically found a brand called Joy of the Mountains, most beneficial.

Be Well, and Heal …

A Tribute to Wayne W. Dyer

So if you already read my About Healers Welcome (About Me) link,

you know that I am deeply inspired and grateful to perhaps one of the greatest authors, and spiritual missionaries of all time, Wayne W. Dyer. This man’s words are so irrevocably moving, that he may actually convince a person to give thanks for problems and struggles in life, for what these occurrences teach us, and by healing from them, we become better people. Our highest self. Be sure to check out a movie called The Shift if you are looking for something that may change your viewpoint in ways that…. well; You can watch the movie for free – GO SEE IT on YouTube. (Image courtesy of Google Search)

Like many other inspirational life coaches and advocates of concepts surrounding abundance and the law of attraction, Wayne had a gift for encouraging gratitude as a daily ritual, that without question, can have a positive impact on ones life. For me, when I read any of Wayne’s books, I often find myself having a cheat note page to scribble on, or end up having to scroll back and forth, to re-read certain passages. Reading just one chapter of Wayne’s material, exposes you to such a wealth of wisdom, it is incredible. Sometimes, if you are going through some type of strife, it’s like Wayne, went right into your head, and scoops out an example directly linked to YOUR dilemma; as if he is writing the book right in front of you.

August 29, 2015, the day Wayne went into spirit, I try not to dwell on as a grey day in history. This man left behind a legacy, of peace, followers who will serve humanity because he found his Divine Purpose in life and shared it with the world. For me, for several years before that day, I had always imagined, I might meet him one day, and give him a hug, try not to shed a tear, and say – Thank you.

His lessons of Love, Kindness, Forgiveness and Healing – will survive generations.

Be Well, And Heal

U.S. Politics and Healing ???

So is this some type of practical joke post? I should hope not. What in the heck does Donald Trump taking his seat in the White House have to do with healing; well … we have seen oodles of women  taking to the streets of America and feeling the need to have a voice, right? And they all seem to feel a need to come together at a critical time to be heard, right?

I am not even sure if I would call this a reverse concept of healing. What I mean, is how history repeats itself – and people band together to ask the question, does history HAVE TO repeat itself in order that we have to “heal all over again”? (The writer does not have a degree in Political Science). :-)… Feel better? But these highly charged times in the U.S., without question draw on a concept on unity, and people banding together for the sake of having a voice. Solidarity. So it’s not just women, but also visible ethnic groups, seeking unity. Why? If in any way we are mistreated in the past, it shapes our fears and apprehensions as to whether or not we can freely move forward. Why bear it… In order to move forward, does some type of inner healing and sense of tranquility need to take place first?

I sent myself this article today, which is about how different parts of the world are either gritting their teeth, or feeling a sense of relief, that Donald Trump, is now the U.S. President:

I can’t scroll through my Facebook without every second or third comment, being about the current status of the United States. Part of healing is a check back. And for sure there is a check back in the U.S. right now. Perhaps some feel like a throw back; steps backwards versus forwards.

There is one school of thought which claims, that the voice of many uniting (example: many offended women); makes it much more difficult for Mr. Trump to simply take a stance in the White House, as the tax payers, the many, make it difficult, when they stir up sh* in a good way, to challenge his ideologies. Simple translation: The President has the power to do this = consider how many people will be livid as a result.

In the absence of being able to draw a better parallel, I truly hope that any Americans that feel wronged, who have lost hope, or are suffering, and maybe even feel that power has been stripped of them – they somehow find a way to heal, and move forward. Democracy versus Autocracy.

Be Well, And Heal,

And God Bless America

~ Healing Stones ~

The energetic properties of stones, rocks and crystals

Have you ever been drawn to certain colors of formations in rocks or crystals? Have you ever wondered if there is more than meets the eye when it comes to these unique structures occurring in nature? Well of course I have. (poster courtesy of Google image search)

Above is a chart of some commonly found stones, and defining characteristics of each, which may explain why people may be more partial to certain stones. So what are some of the main defining categories, and the significance of each?

Color – I had recently posted a healing frequency article; in relation to frequency as a measure of sound. But how about frequency as a measure of light? Expert photographers know about this. Different colors emit different frequencies of light. Wikipedia supports this as follows, “The primary properties of visible light are intensity, propagation direction, frequency or wavelength spectrum, and polarization, …”

Whooaaaa, turning into a science lesson quickly :-). But the word frequency pops up again – cool. Just because we cannot “hear” a frequency, does not eliminate that it still “resonates” with us in a special way; quite possibly a healing way.

Metals and Minerals – I find this so cool, I don’t want to over paraphrase as risk of detracting. Key words in this web article include: Feng Shui, blessings, energy, crystals … Check it out !

Shape and size – on a more obvious level, you may not tote around a 20 pound Himalayan Salt lamp on a business trip (okay I might, but …). I have various sizes and colors of these salt lamps, which can address a number of ailments. But would you impress friends with an amethyst or amber key chain hanging on your living room wall?  Part of choosing stones, gems or crystals involves size and abundance (affecting cost). You may even have a holistic health practitioner recommend certain types that are specific to your therapeutic needs.

Into the mystical – on a trip to Brazil, not too far out of Brasilia (the capital city) there is an incredible man, world renowned as a healer and devout spiritual leader; John of God. In Portuguese he is known as João de Deus. In his gift shop, at the front of the colony grounds (an amazing place), they have walls of extraordinary crystals of various shapes and colors. For what little I knew about how to pick one, a wise person once said to me, “you don’t pick a crystal – it picks you”. Hmmm, so I circled the place a couple times, and kept stopping at one, which has been at the head of my bed ever since.

Last but not least, certain items may not have a practical place in a toddler or babies room versus, that of an adult. So what stone resonates with you? What stone might “pick you”? This post really only scratches the surface, and I may be corrected by a geologist or chemist on technical aspects at any moment. But I really don’t think, anyone has to be an expert on healing stones, in order to receive benefits which are far more easily received than explained !

Be well, and heal …

What is your healing frequency?

Healing Through Frequency (Music)

To explain frequency – vibration – sound, you dont have to be an expert to understand the concept of sound waves. Musicians have a great connection to these concepts, and devout artists may even be described as having an ability to “feel their music”.  So why is that ? There have been a multitude of music studies in relation to the the effect of certain genres of music on humans, plants and animals. So isn’t it amazing to think that there is a relationship between “sounds” which can be created by people or computers and living organisms?

The first link I have posted from site called: Attuned Vibrations, really busts into a more technical concept, of how to focus on specific measurement of sounds vibration; frequency (hertz; Hz) – and how one measurement may be more effective than another, for the specific intention of exposing yourself to a “healing frequency”. WHOA, almost sounds like Star Trek stuff. I can say I have experimented with this myself – and at a minimum, sound wave therapy can do wonders for relaxation. Or how white noise (ocean waves, rain) is PROVEN to help babies get to sleep faster and have better quality sleep. I’ve benefited from this also, so call me a baby too.

432Hz vs. 528Hz

So on that “musical” note, if you are curious, and own some headphones, search for “healing frequencies” and you might be amazed at just how many search results you get. And you can even make the search specific to a location of the body or specific ailment. As with anything considered a therapy or “treatment”, if you have any type of condition being treated by a doctor or other health care professional – always communicate with them in your better interest.

Below is an amazing article written by Beverly Merz, Executive Editor, Harvard Women’s Health Watch. Cited from the article, is this amazing fact:

“Those who become certified music therapists are accomplished musicians who have deep knowledge of how music can evoke emotional responses to relax or stimulate people, or help them heal.”

Healing through music

So, now that you know this, what is your frequency? Be well, and heal.


Welcome to Healers Welcome

My Name is Malcolm Sniher,

This is a work in progress so stay tuned, but a little about me for now:

I have several years of Public Service experience, in the Fitness and Coaching Industry, ranging in independent contracting to government services. Truly what inspires me are interactions with people, and every persons capacity to heal and help others heal in some way. I do feel that the concept of healing is drastically expanding, as more people are shifting their consciousness, which is a very good thing for humanity. My personal experiences and aspirations include alternative concepts such as meditation, frequency and sound therapies, Reiki and Cranio Sacral therapy.

My mission if you will, while expanding on consciousness and motivation, is to explore healing as a multidimensional concept. Some examples based on peoples life experiences may at first seem more obvious than others. Delving further, each and every person, that this hopefully reaches, may discover that they have helped others in the past to heal, and may not have even realized it at the time. There is no way our life experiences do not shape and affect the people that we are; our beliefs systems, and at times whether or not we buy into physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual healing.

This blog is what I like to consider, a safe space, where the concept of the ego can be set aside. A place where discrimination serves no purpose, a place to provoke thought, a place where the sharing ideas may even serve to compel others to find a specific purpose they are seeking. A place to escape, and relax.

Who might come here? ANYONE – you may work in a therapeutic setting, or industrial. You may work in medicine, education, or computer sciences. You may be employed via a corporation or a self-employed entrepreneur. You may associate with a religion you may not. You may consider yourself spiritual or you may consider yourself analytical. You may desire to feel understood. You may be perfectly content, and be looking for something very different to read. By no means is this list exhaustive.

It is exciting to see what great things may come about, and you never know what you may discover. I have much much more to follow.

Thank you,


Malcolm Sniher

All Healers, are Welcome